OCR World Championships 2017

2017 Race Schedule

I have most of my races already chosen and signed up for, because I wanted to keep with my 1 race per month frequency (which I started in August 2016 by accident). I wanted to select my races well in advance because a) I love being hyper-organized and b) I needed to know that races that I wanted to do did not conflict with other races I might want to do more but also c) to ensure it didn’t conflict with other personal/social obligations that I had.

As you will notice, the events for May and August are the only ones I have not decided on, yet. I have not chosen any events for November or December either, largely because I will start a 10K road running training plan and may want to register for 10K races instead of 5K races by the end of this year. The biggest things I am considering in choosing my events for May and August include how much I want to travel (considering that in attending OCRWC, I will be taking 10 days off on vacation to have some fun after the weekend event) as well as overall cost. Mostly, I want to keep up with my fitness training but I also don’t want to be exhausted and perform poorly or injure myself.

I am listing these chronologically; the dates which are in bold are registered. Even though it stresses me out a little bit to not have all of my events finalized, at the same time, most of my 2016 races were decided not long before the event, and that suited me just fine! Perhaps I have higher performance expectations of myself this year. I also love having things to look forward to, it helps me psych myself up! 😀

January 29: MEC 5K road race in Stanley Park (Vancouver, BC)

February 18: MEC 5K trail race in North Vancouver (location TBD)

March 19: MEC 5K road race in Pacific Spirit Park (Vancouver, BC)

April 02: MEC 5K trail race in Mundy Park (Coquitlam, BC)

April 23: Spartan Sprint in Seattle, WA, USA (Snohomish, WA)

May 06: 5 Peaks 8.5K trail race in Golden Ears Park (Maple Ridge, BC)

May 07: BMO 8K road race in Stanley Park (Vancouver, BC)

May 21: Whistler Valley Trail Run 5K or 10K (Whistler, BC – exact date to be confirmed)

May 27: Femsport (Kamloops, BC)

June 10: Spartan Sprint in Vancouver, BC (Mt. Seymour – North Vancouver, BC)

July 15: Rugged Maniac at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds (Surrey, BC)my birthday weekend!!

August 12: Spartan Sprint in Calgary, AB (location TBD)

August 19: Spartan Sprint in Portland, OR, USA (Washougal, WA)

August 20: Mud Mulisha on Vancouver Island (Shawnigan Lake, BC – exact date to be confirmed)

September 24: Spartan Sprint at Sun Peaks (Kamloops, BC)

October 13: Obstacle Course Racing World Championships 3K short course at Blue Mountain (Toronto, ON)

October 15: Obstacle Course Racing World Championships team relay race at Blue Mountain (Toronto, ON)