Who am I?

before & after my first Spartan race!

By day, I am a clinical exercise physiologist & kinesiologist. It means I really, really, like the human body. It also means I provide exercise prescriptions and lifestyle counselling to people with chronic illnesses, the majority of them being cardiovascular and metabolic conditions. I also do rehab from motor vehicle and workplace injuries. Part scientist, part cheerleader.

I began upon my career path in 2008 (officially), when I began my university undergraduate degree. Over the course of that time, I held many different positions in similar and divergent applications of exercise science, coaching, teaching, personal training, and rehabilitation (if you want a list of my official credentials, click on the LinkedIn logo in the toolbar on the top right corner of this page).

I live with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). It’s a very complicated autoimmune system disorder that likes to cause a ruckus in how I metabolize glucose, which means it makes exercise necessary and also very challenging.

In my spare time, I like to race and compete. I used to be an avid obstacle course racer (OCR). If you would like to know more about it, you should read this FAQ on mudrunguide.com. I changed my focus in 2019 and beyond to center around biathlon and cross country skiing (skate and classic) in the winter, and off-road duathlon (mountain biking and trail running) in the summer. I love getting everyone active, no matter where they are at.

I also enjoy writing, and will occasionally write about recipes I like. I tend to eat a low-FODMAP diet (I also live with IBS-D) and a low glycemic diet (nicer on my blood sugar control). I am passionate about accurate information and love debunking health myths and pseudoscience. I believe that the best work-life balance comes from working hard and playing hard. The more often you deposit into your bank of life, the more interest you accrue, the better your payback. There is no more room in the world for mediocrity. Carve your own path.